Monday, November 24, 2008

chinese community must be thankful

In todays Malaysia there are more chinese that are questioning the Malays rights and their previlage, is it the education that cause this problem or other reason. An article from Tun have catch my attention that the chinese is now better now then in tne british era. that is because of UMNO help them to get citizenship. the funny thing is the modern chinese could not accept the reality that there are here because of the Malays.
In those years the chinese immigrant is about 200000 people only but because of the Malays pityness and kindness there are accepted and being given citizenship where about in 1 year the number grows to 1 mil. wow in which country can they get like that previlage?
Malaysia is a peace country so maintain this peaceful it is important that other non-bumi and non Malays do not question the Malays in all aspect. all must accept the reality and do not cause trouble. if they feel Malaysia is not suitable to them, why not go out from Malaysia adn find a country that can provide the warmness that Malaysia have given.
The old Malaysia have done it and they live happly, now there are no more of friendship spirit where people get together because they want something from that somebody. is that culture we want our child to inherit?
Lastly the fact is Malaysia is always 'Tanah Melayu' but that would not people to get together where we can see mix marriage and people with different race sit together to eat. In the power factor it is best to give the Malays to maintain it because the Malays is the 'warga asal' in this beloved homeland that is called Malaysia. The Malays treat fairness to all, yes there is insident but we all are human,compare us to singapore we are much better where all races have representative in the parliment, in singapore the Malays are forgoten where if we read the history singapore used to have a Sultan, but now there are being left out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

the Malaysian different

The election of the American presidency have finish and the winner have been announce where America will get the first half black president in the history. there a lot of stories that politician that do not understand about Malaysia are talking about the power of the country might be given to the non Malays because of the 'Democratic' action that happen in the u.s.
The funny thing is this group of people do not learn history well. The Malays are so kind to let them come and stay in Malaysia and practice what is being practice at their home country.
These group of people have their own school and university, they tend not to bother on how to help the Malays, if they help they must have some catch that they want from the Malays.
To ensure that the Malaysia future is peace and harmony, the 'non bumis' should try to temp the Malays. they should be thankful on what they have now and live with it, if they do not feel it is fair they can always migrate to other country. dont complain on what is not yours in the first place, the Malaysian Malays only have Malaysia to stay in compare to them the Non-bumis where there are all around the world.
Lastly Malaysia is a peaceful country, know your history and be thankful. Tak kan Melayu hilang di Malaysia tapi mungkin di singapura.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Economic slum

In the economic crisis today we Malaysian could not help to be very skeptical about the economic situation that is effecting globally, now even there are countries the had went bankrupt. This is what happen when there is too much depend on the US dollars.
Malaysia in the other hand is saying that it can sustain the global economic crisis. For a person like me I would like to gives some opinion that can be benefit to all. It had happened before now it happen again. The games remain the same only the player change. What is happening today is the Impact of what is being neglected for years not only in Malaysia but through out the world.
The economic crisis is the result of it. To make sure Malaysia sustains or in the other word is to cushion the economic Malaysian must be able to have money in their pocket. How u may ask? There are various ways in doing that, the first is by letting the Rakyat to have more spending power to make sure that there is liquidity in the country. This will make the money flowing in the country. When money is stagnant this can make the economy stop. The prices must be lower down so that Rakyat can spend, even there is a reason to save some money but there must be portion of money to be spend so that the economy can grow. To power purchase of the Rakyat now must be maintain or increase such as by giving bonus and also the government must control the prices of goods. The government must implement the laws that is created more seriously now this is because there are so many laws that is being created but there is no enforcement.

The second is the government must revise the mega project, the government must choose the best project so that it can benefit all Malaysian. This is because if we have so many corridors we might not be able to benefit the country this is because the corridors won’t have the interest to bring up the country economy, yes they interest is to get profit but these FDI are interest on that only. Even with the MOU that the government signs with, the technologies that is being bought in the country is mostly outdated where it is called dumping. This must be stop because to make sure that the country can export more product to overseas the government must monitor these FDIs that have intention to come to the country, choose only the best and can benefit the Rakyat and the country.

Last is by control the currency by pegging it with other than US dollar where it is not stable anymore. The currency also must not being let it flow outside the country. This is being practice during the 97-98 crises. The agro based sector must be enrich more so that we can sustain future economic crisis.

This can be implemented and there are new ideas in dealing with the economic crisis that is happening now. The think tank of various ministry in the country must sit together to find a way to overcome the economic slum might cause our country dearly. This is not depending only on the ministry of finance but this affect all the ministry in various sectors. Human is not perfect so it is best that all the ministry sits together and think for the country and the Rakyat future because the Rakyat depend on them. If there is no approaches it will affect all where there will be recession and unemployment.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Latest Malaysia

In today’s news it could not get anymore better. News paper should be a medium to give people information in a good way so that the people don’t feel bad. In the recent news that is blowing in our country, the media is not doing any help in trying to improve the economy. This is because there are so many news against the government, by doing this it will just make foreign investors do not want to come to our country with the thinking that Malaysia is not politically stable. The time have come to stop all this nonsense and start thinking a way to improve the economy. For the government there have much bigger task in managing the country, and for the opposition there have 5 state so why delay the economic improvement. Don’t just talk injustice when you your self is not doing your work. This can be seen when there is a mass gathering at Kelana Jaya stadium. There can be seen MB and CM of the busiest state is at that stadium. Do there don’t have work to do at their state. This show that there are no very alert with the people that want them to see their problem. This state is being left alone, because their MB and CM is always busy in small issues in other state. They are nearly not at their relative state where the people have cats their vote.
Back to the news that it is becoming ridiculous where there is a story of a person that is being detain in the ISA. There have many people had experience that why must this person is being told her story. The fault is entirely that person fault, this person must be smart on what to write and what not to write,its not recently this person become a reporter. The matter is Malaysian today is mature enough, where Malaysian knows that it is important that the government to maintain the peace that we are experience like before. In those days people respect other races sensitive issues but in today’s freedom of speech it is being misused by provoking certain races. Why this is happening? Malaysian must go back to history and appreciate the freedom that is being achieve by our forefather.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Melayu ku.

Telah sekian lama melayu diam tidak bersuara dan bersabar,kenapa kaum lain sering kali menyoal kaum melayu jika tidak disenangi oleh kaum lain walau pun perkara berkenaan tidak ada langsung berkaitan dengan kaum mereka. Perkara ini di jadikan politik oleh setengah pihak sehinggakan melayu jadi lemah dan tidak bersuara.
Melayu merupakan kaum bumiputra itu ialah satu kenyataan walaupun perkara dimikian disangkal oleh kaum lain. Melayu telah banyak bertolak ansur dalam banyak perkara. Pada masa kini adakah kaum lain mengambil kesempatan atas badai yang sedang melanda kaum melayu?
Jika itu ialah perkara nya maka tidak bolah lah kaum melayu perlu sedar. Dari kes tidak hormat Agong dan Sultan sehinggalah ke cium keris sehinggalah kes Hindraf yang menyelar kerajaan Melayu Malaysia mengamalkan dasar yang fitnah belaka. Betul lah kata Tun Dr Mahadir baru baru ini melayu telah jadi takut pada bangsa lain. Kenapakah kaum yang teramai di Malaysia takut pada kaum minority di mana suara kaum majority tidak dapat disuarakan.
Kenapa kaum lain melaksanakan dasar pilih bulu dimana di syarikat syarikat besar kaum melayu tidak berada di kalangan bangsa lain, pekerja kaum melayu hanya berada di peringkat bawahan di mana peringkat atasan hanya terdapat setitik kaum melayu dan perkara ini telah lama berada di Malaysia. Lihat pada perkara yang boleh menyatukan kaum di Malaysia bukan nya membuat kenyataan yang tidak ada asas langsung dengan fenomena sekarang ini. Kepada pejuang pejuang melayu seharusnya bertindak lebih tegas bagai pada era Tun dahulu, kaum melayu perlu kembali ke tahap di mana kaum melayu di segani kembali oleh kaum lain.

Monday, August 11, 2008

UiTM di hati Melayu!

UiTM ialah yang terakhir apa yang tinggal terhadap melayu.kemasukan sebanyak 10% akan menyebabkan melayu makin lemah. ini adalah kerana melayu yang amat memerlukan mungkin tidak akan dapat meneruskan pelajaran mereka disebabkan tempat mereka telah dirampas oleh orang bukan melayu.
Survival melayu amat penting kerana jika melayu di biarkan tanpa didikan ilmu yang mengcukupi ini akan menyebabkan melayu ketinggalan. tempat belajar orang melayu tidak harus di berikan sewenangnya kepada orang lain.
Kepada pemimpin Melayu diharapkan dapat membela orang melayu yang kian ketinggalan di makan zaman. dan jika ini akan berlaku mungkin generasi akan datang melayu akan jauh ketingallan kerana motivasi diri telah jatuh tidak bangun-bangun lagi.

Friday, August 8, 2008

bank Islam sekarang ini

Bank Islam di malaysia merupakan bank yang di gunakan oleh kesemua penuntut IPTA di Malaysia. Apa yang tidak di fahami ialah bagai mana sebuah bank yang membawa nama Islam tidak memberi perkhidmatan yang baik, jauh dari memuaskan. Ini adalah kerana sebagai seorang penguna,seseorang itu tidak mempunyai kelebihan untuk keluar sesuka hati jika berkerja. Maka orang begini akan pergi ke bank pada masa rehat untuk menjelaskan bil mereka, di mana mereka tidak bernasib baik jika mereka berurusan dengan Bank Islam terutamanya pada hari Jumaat di amna bank ini tutup pada waktu rehat. Bagaimanakah ini boleh berlaku? Bukan kah bank Islam juga sebuah bank, maka ia perlu buka seperti bank lain di Malaysia untuk memudahkan penguna bukan hanya memikirkan keuntungan.
Bank Islam boleh membuka 2 atau 3 kaunter pada waktu berkenaan yang di kendali oleh wanita, ini disebab kan mereka ini tidak pergi solat jumaat. Banyak kemudahan telah di berikan kepada wanita secara am nya kenapakah mereka ini perlu juga tidak berada di kaunter pada masa solat jumaat. mereka boleh bergilir berehat. perkara sedemikian tidak lah perlu untuk orang luar untuk tegur sepatut nya pengurusan Bank perlu melihat dari pandangan umum dan memudahkan penguna. Pada warga wanita pula tidak lah perlu mengambil kesempatan untuk tidak berada di bank pada masa lelaki bersolat. Bank lain juga mempunyai wanita tapi mereka tidak pula pergi mendengar kutbah gossip panas di kedai makan.
Untuk tidak menjadikan perkara ini sebagai trend Bank islam perlu lah kehadapan kerana ia membawa nama Islam bersama.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Public RAPID

the public transportatio has become important mode of transportation nowdays bwcause of the souring oil price that we recently experience. With the goverment considering want to lowwwer back the petrol price that is a good news to all of Malaysian.
Before the recent hike the public tranport is the mode to get to work for the lower income but when the price hike happen the public transport has become very important to all Malaysian not only to the lower income but also to higer level of people. The problem is not the people but the service that is provided by the public transport company. The goverment had given Efficient amount of subsidy but at the end the company gives excusses the the bad services is because of the lack of subsidy. the blaming game goes on. The public bus for instant, the driver act as it is his bus dont care of wether is people that are waiting for the bus have pile up and created long dragon line. the problem is there is no consideration of this people. they might be thinking that they own the bus without thinking about actually the people that are paying thir pay.
if everyone do the part of what must they do the condition might have change. we might see that people love to use the public transport. improvement is needed to change the mentallity of the public transport worker to become more friendly and become more understanding to people.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Malaysian why?

In malaysia today we experience that we are in a very odd political environment. do we ever think why? every malaysian think that it ok to do anything now, there are people that just keep on arguing on racial matters and some are keep on thinking that Malaysia is not in a good condition, the irony is these people did not think on how to overcome the problem by giving in new ideas to help Malaysia. That is more important in today Malaysia because it effect everything in Malaysian livestyle.
In malaysia there are people that would like to take advanatge on the certain matter, for example the usage of practical student. there are some company in Kuala Lumpur do not have permenent staff but there have all Practical student, is this ok? oviously the payment for practical is very small that one could imagine how to life with the pocket money that the company give to the practical student but in return the student must work like a full time worker.
Malaysia can be a very rich country if the people together help the goverment in this case Malaysia to achive its gold. See on the bigger picture not the small ones. such as the cases that are in the tv, what will it effect the Malaysian as a whole because with the technology nowdays it is not imposible people that are from Africa will be reading about us. Show people that we are much better than the rest of the world. do the right thing.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Malaysia is Islam

Islam has become for long time is the official religion since Malaya. Why is there a misunderstanding now in our community? What is the fuss with the 'ketuanan Melayu'. For starter we must understand what Melayu is all about. If we can trace back to the earlier time, Melayu has been here for a long time and hence it is called Tanah Melayu. For 50 years we hardly hear of people challenging the Malay community and by that we had lived peacefully. Yes there might be some hiccup but it can be solve.
My point is that what is all the fuss now,by using the word 'ketuanan' for years nobody is hurt but why now? This is the conclusion that can be made from what the scenario in todays Malaysia, that most of Malaysian do not understand or dont want to know our history. the peace now that we are enjoying must be kept so that our future generation will not curse us for the wrong thing that we had done today. As for the non malays, undersanding Malay language is not enough but must understand what to do and donts of the malays,dont wait until the Sultans get involve in a situation that we can solve by our own. There are much more problems that are concerning and must be address such as the taxi kidnaping and eradicating poverty and many more problems that effecting our Malaysian society.
Children today must learn the history so that there will not be any confusion in the future.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Petronas the saviour

What is a company if there is no profit? do we ever know what the nature of a business, that is to earn profit. do we ever tought that is there are a company that is doing so much charity such our Petronas?
There is a interview yesterday with the ceo of the national oil company. the purpose is to let the public know what is the national oil company stand in this country. For starter the dialog of the forum is not that very informative whereby the panel did not ask intelectual question. by for we know that the two person that is in the show beside Petronas CEO is both an economis.
This is the problem we dont tend to ask intelectual question,we keep on asking on small matter, that why the CEO had a hard time to explain to this small minded economis.
it is natural for a comapny to have profit but it is not natural for a company to act as a bank for a country,even a year 1 kid can answer that.
By far you as an ECONOMIST you should know what type of oil that we have,is it suitable for our use.not asking that type of question in national tv.this shows that you are not that informative, some will wonder how in the world you get the job in BERNAMA and the EDGE where it is a well known in Malaysia. something for sure that most of the young generation find the Petronas forum a joke,the joke is not at Petronas but at the 2 clowns that is in the show.
No wonder Tun Dr Mahadir asked the people of Malaysia to read more educational books in the 80s, it is for to prevent this type of people that dont know much to not make a joke of themself in public.Education is important!
Most of the conversation in the forum can be done in 'kedai kopi',the new generation do not want to listen to things like why is the price high,why is Petronas not suplying petrol to Malaysia and many more small kids talk. in future if there is going to have more of this type of forum where a very profitable company that is helping the country,the person that is in the forum must be informative and educated.for those people the advise is dont drop Malaysia waterface.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Malay malays!

Today is quite a different day to me. For the start i had a discussion about a company view,at first it seem that it is going ok but after a while it start to become dull. This the problem, why do we only thing about the same old solution why not we be brave and try new things. Ha that makes me thinks back to the real Malays. We malays just cannot think out of the box, not all but majority of us is like that. If lets say we do think out of the box we would be like Tun Dr Mahathir, Datuk Tony and many more, we could make forecast about our race and also our country.
Now i know why other race grab this opportunity its because we dont want to accept that it a very competative world out there.Wow that a bang to all malays i think. We must be ahead compare than other race together with a very strong vallue that we have for thousand of years, i belive we are capable but the mindset of malays must be change first before its too late.
Dont dwell on the past but think about the future. About my story we must see what other international company had done,learn and try to improve the approach. that is what Petronas is doing they can become the best well manage company with the best technology in the world compare to other giant, hey that is not me telling but one of a current President of an advance country told that. That a great news but is that only we have? i think Proton also can manage that achivement by being brave by going to the American market, why not? we have all but still we are not being at par wit Kia.

Monday, June 16, 2008

what a Saturday!

First i would like to say thank to the goverment to give Rm625 even to say it is close to enough but it is something than nothing. What makes me feel funny is the way Malaysian try to get their hands on the money. Wow that is the first word i said when i arrive to the Post Office.
Here i am participating in a longest Q in my life, that fine la,it free money so its ok to wait i think. But there are some people, sorrry to say this but there are some Chinese group of people came and overtake me while i am standing, that another wow.when that happen everybody strarted rushing to the counter like there no money left. 3 words for these Chinese group kaisu selfish freak, why do these people dont consider other, i notice most in this community that they like to take thing for themself regadless of other people. at that time i feel like to smake to the head at this people but again i think that my culture dont act that way like 'orang hutan' or some kind that dont know how to wait for their turn.
At where i am standing there is an Uncle that is sure not from this comunity said to me that they always think for themself i an see why, because its hard for him because he is quite old to join this rampage to the counter,so he went home for that day hopeing that there is a better 2moro at the Post office. Ha there it seem i not the only one feel that way.
Lastly after an hour of swimming in the sea of people i receive the money from a 'mak cik' at the counter i can see how she have this face of tiredness, i can blame her look at the croud behind me like there is no 2moro.not to say the officer did not ask the croud to line up but the noise it unbareable its like talking in a wet market.
my advice for this comunity to behave yourself, dont talk too much of 'intregiti kaum' when you yourself behave like 'orang hutan' or the 3words i mention above.pity the other that come first. dont act selfish, for one thing the money is enough for everybody for god sake!

Friday, June 6, 2008

today malaysia

In today malaysian life we felt that it is not fair in most of what is happening,with the oil price shoot up 78 cent most of us feel the burdent. but do we ever think what is the actual cause of this to happen? for a moment i sit and think, yes the gov. hav spend alot of money to us in some way we enjoy it. but do we ever think where the money that the gov have give is being use efficiently? let me give a different view, the money that the gov spend on project in huge, but the contractor charge additional charges is equivilent double the project cost. that is the simple example that i can give. ok so when the project is complete thare is a lot of defect so the gov must spent again to support this defect because the contractor have run away overseas. we can see the same case in the parliment, yhere is a leeking when is start raining. who to blame? all of us should be blame because we do not really help to solve the problem but just know how to talk. we dont have the caurage to be fair with ourself and to be fair with i think for the people that are selfish and are greedy, this people should be in jail so that people like us do not suffer in future with the price increase.sure the gov cannot coup with the price because need to correct the wrond doing of some Malaysian that is selfish.