Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Malay malays!

Today is quite a different day to me. For the start i had a discussion about a company view,at first it seem that it is going ok but after a while it start to become dull. This the problem, why do we only thing about the same old solution why not we be brave and try new things. Ha that makes me thinks back to the real Malays. We malays just cannot think out of the box, not all but majority of us is like that. If lets say we do think out of the box we would be like Tun Dr Mahathir, Datuk Tony and many more, we could make forecast about our race and also our country.
Now i know why other race grab this opportunity its because we dont want to accept that it a very competative world out there.Wow that a bang to all malays i think. We must be ahead compare than other race together with a very strong vallue that we have for thousand of years, i belive we are capable but the mindset of malays must be change first before its too late.
Dont dwell on the past but think about the future. About my story we must see what other international company had done,learn and try to improve the approach. that is what Petronas is doing they can become the best well manage company with the best technology in the world compare to other giant, hey that is not me telling but one of a current President of an advance country told that. That a great news but is that only we have? i think Proton also can manage that achivement by being brave by going to the American market, why not? we have all but still we are not being at par wit Kia.

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