Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Malaysian why?

In malaysia today we experience that we are in a very odd political environment. do we ever think why? every malaysian think that it ok to do anything now, there are people that just keep on arguing on racial matters and some are keep on thinking that Malaysia is not in a good condition, the irony is these people did not think on how to overcome the problem by giving in new ideas to help Malaysia. That is more important in today Malaysia because it effect everything in Malaysian livestyle.
In malaysia there are people that would like to take advanatge on the certain matter, for example the usage of practical student. there are some company in Kuala Lumpur do not have permenent staff but there have all Practical student, is this ok? oviously the payment for practical is very small that one could imagine how to life with the pocket money that the company give to the practical student but in return the student must work like a full time worker.
Malaysia can be a very rich country if the people together help the goverment in this case Malaysia to achive its gold. See on the bigger picture not the small ones. such as the cases that are in the tv, what will it effect the Malaysian as a whole because with the technology nowdays it is not imposible people that are from Africa will be reading about us. Show people that we are much better than the rest of the world. do the right thing.