Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Malaysian Unite

In the wake of the war in the middle east, Malaysian have made a very strog point that the country did not welcome the idea of invation from the Israil. Why this can happen? the story is not new to us. for the first time whole Malaysian People support the goverment in the modern days to have some say on the arab war, We Malaysian disagree with all the cause that will bring to the malfunction of the Palestinian people njo matter when that is being cause by the Israil that is being back by their well known gangster bro, the USA.
Well around the world people are doing demonstration but the UN are not making the purpose of its establisment. it just follow what USA need to say. Veto pewer need to be abolish so that all the country in the world can live in harmony. Voting sistem can be the alternative to the sistem , where it is much more democratic. World hope is to be living in peace no matter where we are. the new president of USA need to deal with this issue because it plays a major part in the peace mission before the war. The OIC need to have their own army to be place in Palestine so that the third holy place in Islam would not be lost forever. the OIC members should know what the main reason the establishment of the OIC mean.
Lastly Malaysian want peace in Palestine so that this can end the suffering of the people.