Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Petronas the saviour

What is a company if there is no profit? do we ever know what the nature of a business, that is to earn profit. do we ever tought that is there are a company that is doing so much charity such our Petronas?
There is a interview yesterday with the ceo of the national oil company. the purpose is to let the public know what is the national oil company stand in this country. For starter the dialog of the forum is not that very informative whereby the panel did not ask intelectual question. by for we know that the two person that is in the show beside Petronas CEO is both an economis.
This is the problem we dont tend to ask intelectual question,we keep on asking on small matter, that why the CEO had a hard time to explain to this small minded economis.
it is natural for a comapny to have profit but it is not natural for a company to act as a bank for a country,even a year 1 kid can answer that.
By far you as an ECONOMIST you should know what type of oil that we have,is it suitable for our use.not asking that type of question in national tv.this shows that you are not that informative, some will wonder how in the world you get the job in BERNAMA and the EDGE where it is a well known in Malaysia. something for sure that most of the young generation find the Petronas forum a joke,the joke is not at Petronas but at the 2 clowns that is in the show.
No wonder Tun Dr Mahadir asked the people of Malaysia to read more educational books in the 80s, it is for to prevent this type of people that dont know much to not make a joke of themself in public.Education is important!
Most of the conversation in the forum can be done in 'kedai kopi',the new generation do not want to listen to things like why is the price high,why is Petronas not suplying petrol to Malaysia and many more small kids talk. in future if there is going to have more of this type of forum where a very profitable company that is helping the country,the person that is in the forum must be informative and educated.for those people the advise is dont drop Malaysia waterface.

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kerang said...

I did not watch the show but i do agree that how Malaysians nowadays have become so pathetic. Some may think that it is a harsh word to use but let face the reality of it. Our government may have spoilt the people by giving them too long of well and happy life through many things including the oil subsidy. Taken it even just a bit away had let the people forgot all about what they have earned and enjoyed after all these years. So ungrateful Malaysians have become and they still proudly said that they are Islamic country. Attacking Petronas profits as they think that are their money too! Yes. Maybe in indirect way but Petronas is not our banker. Work hard people! Try to solve your own problems and manage your own account by not involving Petronas. Give them air and space to generate more money to the country. The government has open lots of oppurtunity for the peoples’ survival. It is just the matter of chosing either to shine or to sigh.