Friday, June 6, 2008

today malaysia

In today malaysian life we felt that it is not fair in most of what is happening,with the oil price shoot up 78 cent most of us feel the burdent. but do we ever think what is the actual cause of this to happen? for a moment i sit and think, yes the gov. hav spend alot of money to us in some way we enjoy it. but do we ever think where the money that the gov have give is being use efficiently? let me give a different view, the money that the gov spend on project in huge, but the contractor charge additional charges is equivilent double the project cost. that is the simple example that i can give. ok so when the project is complete thare is a lot of defect so the gov must spent again to support this defect because the contractor have run away overseas. we can see the same case in the parliment, yhere is a leeking when is start raining. who to blame? all of us should be blame because we do not really help to solve the problem but just know how to talk. we dont have the caurage to be fair with ourself and to be fair with i think for the people that are selfish and are greedy, this people should be in jail so that people like us do not suffer in future with the price increase.sure the gov cannot coup with the price because need to correct the wrond doing of some Malaysian that is selfish.

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