Monday, June 16, 2008

what a Saturday!

First i would like to say thank to the goverment to give Rm625 even to say it is close to enough but it is something than nothing. What makes me feel funny is the way Malaysian try to get their hands on the money. Wow that is the first word i said when i arrive to the Post Office.
Here i am participating in a longest Q in my life, that fine la,it free money so its ok to wait i think. But there are some people, sorrry to say this but there are some Chinese group of people came and overtake me while i am standing, that another wow.when that happen everybody strarted rushing to the counter like there no money left. 3 words for these Chinese group kaisu selfish freak, why do these people dont consider other, i notice most in this community that they like to take thing for themself regadless of other people. at that time i feel like to smake to the head at this people but again i think that my culture dont act that way like 'orang hutan' or some kind that dont know how to wait for their turn.
At where i am standing there is an Uncle that is sure not from this comunity said to me that they always think for themself i an see why, because its hard for him because he is quite old to join this rampage to the counter,so he went home for that day hopeing that there is a better 2moro at the Post office. Ha there it seem i not the only one feel that way.
Lastly after an hour of swimming in the sea of people i receive the money from a 'mak cik' at the counter i can see how she have this face of tiredness, i can blame her look at the croud behind me like there is no 2moro.not to say the officer did not ask the croud to line up but the noise it unbareable its like talking in a wet market.
my advice for this comunity to behave yourself, dont talk too much of 'intregiti kaum' when you yourself behave like 'orang hutan' or the 3words i mention above.pity the other that come first. dont act selfish, for one thing the money is enough for everybody for god sake!

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