Thursday, June 26, 2008

Malaysia is Islam

Islam has become for long time is the official religion since Malaya. Why is there a misunderstanding now in our community? What is the fuss with the 'ketuanan Melayu'. For starter we must understand what Melayu is all about. If we can trace back to the earlier time, Melayu has been here for a long time and hence it is called Tanah Melayu. For 50 years we hardly hear of people challenging the Malay community and by that we had lived peacefully. Yes there might be some hiccup but it can be solve.
My point is that what is all the fuss now,by using the word 'ketuanan' for years nobody is hurt but why now? This is the conclusion that can be made from what the scenario in todays Malaysia, that most of Malaysian do not understand or dont want to know our history. the peace now that we are enjoying must be kept so that our future generation will not curse us for the wrong thing that we had done today. As for the non malays, undersanding Malay language is not enough but must understand what to do and donts of the malays,dont wait until the Sultans get involve in a situation that we can solve by our own. There are much more problems that are concerning and must be address such as the taxi kidnaping and eradicating poverty and many more problems that effecting our Malaysian society.
Children today must learn the history so that there will not be any confusion in the future.

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