Friday, August 1, 2008

Public RAPID

the public transportatio has become important mode of transportation nowdays bwcause of the souring oil price that we recently experience. With the goverment considering want to lowwwer back the petrol price that is a good news to all of Malaysian.
Before the recent hike the public tranport is the mode to get to work for the lower income but when the price hike happen the public transport has become very important to all Malaysian not only to the lower income but also to higer level of people. The problem is not the people but the service that is provided by the public transport company. The goverment had given Efficient amount of subsidy but at the end the company gives excusses the the bad services is because of the lack of subsidy. the blaming game goes on. The public bus for instant, the driver act as it is his bus dont care of wether is people that are waiting for the bus have pile up and created long dragon line. the problem is there is no consideration of this people. they might be thinking that they own the bus without thinking about actually the people that are paying thir pay.
if everyone do the part of what must they do the condition might have change. we might see that people love to use the public transport. improvement is needed to change the mentallity of the public transport worker to become more friendly and become more understanding to people.

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