Thursday, November 20, 2008

the Malaysian different

The election of the American presidency have finish and the winner have been announce where America will get the first half black president in the history. there a lot of stories that politician that do not understand about Malaysia are talking about the power of the country might be given to the non Malays because of the 'Democratic' action that happen in the u.s.
The funny thing is this group of people do not learn history well. The Malays are so kind to let them come and stay in Malaysia and practice what is being practice at their home country.
These group of people have their own school and university, they tend not to bother on how to help the Malays, if they help they must have some catch that they want from the Malays.
To ensure that the Malaysia future is peace and harmony, the 'non bumis' should try to temp the Malays. they should be thankful on what they have now and live with it, if they do not feel it is fair they can always migrate to other country. dont complain on what is not yours in the first place, the Malaysian Malays only have Malaysia to stay in compare to them the Non-bumis where there are all around the world.
Lastly Malaysia is a peaceful country, know your history and be thankful. Tak kan Melayu hilang di Malaysia tapi mungkin di singapura.

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