Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Latest Malaysia

In today’s news it could not get anymore better. News paper should be a medium to give people information in a good way so that the people don’t feel bad. In the recent news that is blowing in our country, the media is not doing any help in trying to improve the economy. This is because there are so many news against the government, by doing this it will just make foreign investors do not want to come to our country with the thinking that Malaysia is not politically stable. The time have come to stop all this nonsense and start thinking a way to improve the economy. For the government there have much bigger task in managing the country, and for the opposition there have 5 state so why delay the economic improvement. Don’t just talk injustice when you your self is not doing your work. This can be seen when there is a mass gathering at Kelana Jaya stadium. There can be seen MB and CM of the busiest state is at that stadium. Do there don’t have work to do at their state. This show that there are no very alert with the people that want them to see their problem. This state is being left alone, because their MB and CM is always busy in small issues in other state. They are nearly not at their relative state where the people have cats their vote.
Back to the news that it is becoming ridiculous where there is a story of a person that is being detain in the ISA. There have many people had experience that why must this person is being told her story. The fault is entirely that person fault, this person must be smart on what to write and what not to write,its not recently this person become a reporter. The matter is Malaysian today is mature enough, where Malaysian knows that it is important that the government to maintain the peace that we are experience like before. In those days people respect other races sensitive issues but in today’s freedom of speech it is being misused by provoking certain races. Why this is happening? Malaysian must go back to history and appreciate the freedom that is being achieve by our forefather.

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