Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My gopeng resort.(experiment)

This is just about interesting places in Perak, it is just for experimenting purpose......

Situated about 45 minutes drive from Ipoh city center to this magnificent newly developed nature resort by the name MY Gopeng Resort. Upon reaching the resort, one can enjoy the green scenery and tranquility which cannot be found anywhere in the hustle and bustle of the city. Expect the cool and refreshing breeze and the originality of the surroundings in this resort as it is designed to be environmental friendly and make people to be close to the nature and make people love the nature.
This resort is undoubtedly the largest and is complete in facilities wise such as a mini swimming pool, chilling huts, camping sites, campfire and even a cafeteria for people to enjoy themselves in such a comfortable environment with a cup of hot coffee or a glass of cool drink. Secondly, MY Gopeng Resort is the only proper and original resort of its kind. From accommodation to its hospitality wise, one word to describe it all, ‘MARVELLOUS’.
Not only that, the activities is as exciting as well. Eco Base Camp, jungle trekking to Cameron Highlands, white water rafting along the Sungai Kampar, witnessing the Rafflesia flower and caving in Gua Tempurung and Gua Kandu are among the main attractions here, just to name a few.


Fifi said...

sham..promote la hometown hubby aku..Kuala Kangsar..huhuhu~

Anonymous said...

MY gopeng resort is fantastic. Good tourist attraction. BEST