Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lata kinjang

From the North South Expressway, take the Tapah exit, head towards the town. Then there will be a sign for Lata Kinjang which you should turn left. It is quite a distance from town through small country roads before you arrive here after about 20 minutes.

The spectacular waterfall is clearly visible from the main highway when you are heading north from Kuala Lumpur. Nonetheless, the access to the waterfall takes you through town and village road some 20-30 minutes from the highway exit.

At the base of waterfalls, there are parking areas and food stalls, though I could do without the latter because of the garbage they bring from the wrapped food and canned drinks. For the initiated, you may begin your climb on the properly marked trail to view the majestic waterfalls much closer.

There is a series of falls ranging from a few meters to tens of meters higher. I climbed up to somewhere in between where there is a suspension bridge where you can view the a portion falls at its full glory. There are various spots that offer small and natural pools for a quick bath.

Spectacular waterfall with multi level rapids. Bring your hiking shoes.

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