Saturday, July 30, 2011

oh no the public transport in KL....

As we know KL is the heart of Malaysia, it is a place where millions of people get to work everyday to find a descent money to cost their living expenditure.With time is the assent people in KL choose the public transport where it seem to be the saviour in this modern world that is living. With traffic jams everywhere in KL, the solution for this is the public transport. But what seem to be a saviour is now a problem. 3 years when i left KL after my studies i tough that the public transport is going to improve but unfortunately it is getting worse everyday. What is happening?
3 years ago i left KL after my studies back to my home town in Ipoh with great memories about the capital of Malaysia, but it all change when i come back to KL i decided to use the public transportation yesterday to get back to my home town where i am thinking that it is cost saving because i would like to save some money and some more if i am driving i am driving alone, so it seem that it convenient for me to use the public transport. to get to my home town.
1 st when i arrive to the commuter station it has the normal view where you can see a lot of people standing to board the train to the city. The commuter train arrive and its seem that the commuter is pack so i waited for another train to board. The next train will arrive about 18 minutes from now that is what is announce at the loud speaker. I stood there and had a small laugh, it seem nothing had change when i last left this place. So the next train came and i board the train, the train have some place to sit and when the train arrive at serdang the train suddenly become so crowded that people start pushing..hmm. Than the train stop at mid valley, here situation worsening where there were people shouting to get in the train. Wow...the experience i get after 3 years of leaving KL. There were some tourist on board on the train, they were shaking their heads. I wonder what were they thinking.
After a day of walking in KL i decided to head home, also using the public transport. I thought that after the peak hours,people using the public transport would ease but the truth is far for wonderland, i can see people pushing to get trough on board the train. And the best part is that the commuter train somehow have some difficulties during on the way to KL sentral, so i need to wait about an hour for the train. What is going on, people are piling up sure the train could not support the all the people from that station because the train stops at other station too.The train stop and people start pushing to get on board, the train get pack quickly and a lot of us need to wait te next train that is schedule to arrive about 20 minutes,omg, i finally get on board on the train standing with my painful foot because of standing too long. I feel that the situation have become worse, it seem it is a disgrace for Malaysia. The KTMB management must do something to overcome the problem, this will show that the public transportation in Malaysia is not efficient. I feel pity to the frequent user of this mode of transport everyday to go to work,where they not only need to deal with their working problem but also their daily public transport problem. Not to say that the problem is not being reported, It had been aired in the television news but nothing had been done. I really hope that KTMB do some thing about this matter asap, try learn from other countries how they manage the traffic.

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