Sunday, June 5, 2011

Plastic and Penang..

It's occur to me that in Penang is a historical state where it is being classified as a Historical site by UNESCO. All is good in Penang from food to the places to visits, but today topic is not about the beauty of the state but about the use of plastic bags in the state.
In Malaysia there are no plastic day campaign that happens every Saturday, where there is no use of plastic bags for the whole day. That is a good cause where we can lower down the usage of plastic bags, but in Penang the state government implement everyday is no plastic bag day. I am not saying that i am not supporting the idea of lowering down the usage of plastic bags but for this situation i could not agree with the Penang government idea of lowering the plastic usage. What bother me more is people need to add more money to buy plastic bags every time when there go shopping. This action is not helping to lower down the usage, but the problem remain the same and the company that is operating the business is gaining more money because now there get money for selling plastic bag that is biodegradable,where in other state is free.
Even the plastic bags consist of 20 cent but just imagine the population of the Penang state buy the plastic bags every time there go shopping isn't that making the public burden with the increase cost and for the shop they just keep on increasing the price even when the public is suffering of the increase price.
The shops that is operating in Penang should come out with the idea on how to help the public lessen their burden on their spending power. I also wonder that is the Penang government think about this before there implement the rule. If to compare with other country they use paper bag instate of plastic bags and if that is hard to do it is wise for the shops owners to use biodegradable plastic bags for free for their customers such as some hypermarket that is using it.

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