Friday, October 2, 2009

The ungreatfull Indonesia 2009

The Malaysian is deeply in touch when something happen to Malaysian neighbour, for example the tsunami that wipeout the whole Acheh province. Malaysia quickly send it resque team the place to help the country. With all that have done to the Indonesian, the Indonesian somehow forget that it is Malaysian that help them when there are in trouble.
The problem happen when the Indonesian start to do 'Malaysian Sweeping' in the heart of Jakarta. The amazing thing is that just weeks after that tragic that anger most of the Malaysian, Indonesia again being hit by a tsunami. The moral of the story is to be good to your neighbours always, not to fight at some dance that somebody else accidently made a false report. It is so stupid of a country that declare them self as the most Muslim in the world cannot think using their God given brain to think for a bit about the right and the wrong.
I think Indonesian have learn with a big price to pay that don't let your neighbour upset always. Even Malaysia keep quite about the matter but there are higher power that we need to answer to and He is always watching us. Respect other and you will be respected.

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