Sunday, February 8, 2009

The forgoten PR

The political situation in Perak have shown that the previous government have there own agenda, where the PR government do not have the respect to the Sultan of Perak. The change of power from PR to BN is being seen by some is normal where if there are majority from a party the party will rule the state or the country. The PR government when they receive the power from the general election last year they have forget their purpose of being the government. The Malay is being forgotten and are challenge always.
Do the PR politician forget suffering in Gaza? What happen there is because of there are no unity in the Arab world. The Malays should be together and be unite under the Sultan so that the Malay are secure in the Malay land. For the leaders of PR wake up and wait for the next election so that the is salvage in PR dignity. Malaysian are polite and it is not the people from Indonesia or other country. The Sultan is an important figure and leader not just for the Malays but for all. The political situation is not stable so with the Sultan in the picture so that there will have a stability in the country. PR and the people need to respect and obey the Sultan decision so that Malaysian can life in harmony, 'Daulat Tuanku'.

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