Monday, October 25, 2010

Working and brain drain in Malaysia?

I could not agree more that what my friends said about the brain drain that is happening in Malaysia. Actually what the concern is about the graduate that are living in Malaysia it self. There is such talk about wanting graduate to go beyond borders, it that going overseas? if we really see the situation, Malaysian graduate that are produce locally by the local universities are also good in qualities. What do you aspect from a newly graduate student, do you aspect that he or she can build another KLCC? For me give the Malaysian graduates a changes to show themselves that there are also capable even there are local product, employ them and give competitive salaries so that they will stay in the country for the rest of their life. Forget about the people that don't want to come back to Malaysia we have a lot of graduate that can take what ever post that are available in the working market. There is a saying that we usually did not know what is missing until it is really gone.
To stop gansterism we need to have enough working place that are suitable with the achievement that the young generation have, not by saying there is job available but in the lower sector, do you aspect that graduate student want to build house in the middle of the hot sun? than what the use of getting a degree?
It is advisable to take care of the local graduate and not really look to the matter of bring in the people that is living good in other country and giving them a lot of benefits, that is called waste of 'Rakyat' money, they don't care less about Malaysia so why must we care more to them?

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